Reception to celebrate the birthday of His Imperial Majesty the Emperor of Japan

1 Group photo
2 Speech by H.E. TAKEUCHI Midori (MoFA)
3 Photo with H.E. Abdulla Shahid
1 Tea ceremony booth
1 Japanese food by Ambassador's Chef
        On February 22, 2023, the Embassy of Japan held a reception to celebrate the 63rd birthday of His Imperial Majesty the Emperor of Japan, Naruhito. The reception was attended by more than 70 guests in a warm and cordial atmosphere.
        The Chief Guest, His Excellency Abdulla Shahid, Minister of Foreign Affaires highlighted the enhanced support from Japan and thanked for the cooperation over the years. Speaking at the ceremony, Ambassador TAKEUCHI Midori reiterated the long-standing bilateral ties between the two countries and continuing assistance from the people and government of Japan.

        In the venue, as part of Japanese culture experience, Japanese food -Sushi and Soba noodles- was served by the Japanese Chef, while a tea ceremony booth offered authentic matcha tea. In addition, guests enjoyed a JICA booth and a Yamaki booth which operates a Katsuobushi(Japanese Hikimas) factory in Addu.