About Us



8th Floor, Aagé Building, 12 Boduthakurufaanu Magu, Henveiru, Malé, 20094, Republic of Maldives

Tel, Fax and Email

Tel:(+960) 3300087
Fax:(+960) 3300065
    Culture section: culturemale@mo.mofa.go.jp
    Consular sectionryoujimale@mo.mofa.go.jp

Office hours

・Embassy   08:15-12:30,13:30-17:00 (Sunday - Thursday), Closed on Fridays, Saturdays and Embassy Holidays
・Consular   10:00-12:00,14:00-16:00 (Sunday - Thursday)


January 1st (Fri)  New Year 
January 2nd (Sat)  New Year
January 3rd (Sun)  New Year
February 23rd (Tue)  Emperor's Birthday
April 13th (Tue)  First of Ramazan
May 1st (Sat)  Labour Day
May 13th (Thu)  Eid-ul Fithr
May 14th (Fri)  On the occasion of Eid-ul Fithr
May15th (Sat) On the occasion of Eid-ul Fithr
July 19th (Mon) Hajj Day
July 20th (Tue) Eid-ul Al'haa
July 21st (Wed) On the occasion of Eid-ul Al'haa
July 22nd (Thu) On the occasion of Eid-ul Al'haa
July 26th (Mon) Independence Day
July 27th (Tue) On the occasion of Independence Day
August 9th (Mon) Islamic New Year
October 7th (Thu)  National Day
October 18th (Mon) Prophet Mohamed's Birthday
November 3rd (Wed) Victory day
November 7th (Sun) The Day Maldives Embraced Islam
November 11th (Thu) Republic day
December 29th (Thu)  Year End Holiday 
December 30th (Thu) Year End Holiday
December 31st (Fri) Year End Holiday