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Heat illness risk information for international visitors to Japan during summer

  While you are visiting Japan during the summer season, please refer to the following websites to prevent heat illness.
1. Japan Meteorological Agency
1) Heat illness 
2) Extreme high temperature forecasts 
3) Daytime high and early-morning low temperature distribution forecasts 
4) Early warning information on extreme weather 
5) Daily weather forecasts 
6) One-week forecasts 
7) Two-week temperature forecasts 
8) Weather observations 
9) Weather analysis map

Multilingual Information on Disaster Mitigation
2. Japan Tourism Agency
  The website provides international tourists in Japan with information about safe travel.  You can download a push-enabled information alert App ‘Safety Tips’ which provides disaster information including heatstroke information to international visitors.
3. Ministry of the EnvironmentHeat illness prevention information