The Project for Upgrading of Angolhitheem School in Angolhitheemu Island, Raa Atoll



     Malé, February 11, 2021 The Government of Japan has committed a grant of USD 81,088 (equivalent to MVR 1,239,835) for “The Project for Upgrading of Angolhitheem School in Angolhitheem Island, Raa Atoll” under its Grant Assistance for Grass-Roots Human Security Projects (GGP) scheme.
     The Grant Contract was signed between Her Excellency Ms. YANAI Keiko, Ambassador of Japan to the Maldives, and Mr. Ahmed Abdulla, Principal of Angolhitheem School in Raa atoll.
     The Project will be implemented by Angolhitheem School with the assistance of the Ministry of Education. The project funds for the construction of a school building comprised of two classrooms in Angolhitheem School. This assistance will enable quality education for students in appropriate learning environment. The facility will also be utilized as an emergency evacuation shelter in case of natural disasters in the island.
     The GGP is part of the Japanese Official Development Assistance (ODA) implemented by the Embassy of Japan in Maldives in order to empower people at the grassroots level. The GGP in Maldives has been widely implemented in areas such as education, environment, health, transportation and energy since 1996. This is the 21st project to be funded under the scheme in Maldives, which makes the total value of USD 2.2 million.