The Government of Japan pledges USD 4.68 million grant for border control


      Malé, May 21, 2020 – The grant agreement was signed by Her Excellency YANAI Keiko, Ambassador of Japan to the Maldives and His Excellency Abdulla Shahid, Minister of Foreign Affairs, with a view to further developing friendly and cooperative relations between Japan and the Republic of Maldives.

      Under the terms of the Exchange of Note, the Government of Japan will extend to the Government of Maldives, a grant of five hundred million Japanese Yen (¥ 500,000,000), (approximately USD 4.68 million, Maldivian Rufiyya 72.6 million) for further promoting the economic and social development of the Maldives. 

      The grant is intended to strengthen the capacity and capability of the Maldives Immigration and Maldives Customs Service for border control and bolster operational readiness in efforts towards public safety and protection. Equipment including a facial recognition system, mobile x-rays, counterfeit bill detectors, special luminescent microscope, speedboats and vehicles will be procured under the grant. 

     The Government of Japan hopes the grant assistance will greatly enhance public safety and security in Maldives, thereby contributing to secure economic and social development.