The Government of Japan provides medical equipment worth USD 5.6million to strengthen health sector of the Maldives

     Malé, June 7, 2020 – The grant agreement was signed by Her Excellency Keiko Yanai, Ambassador of Japan to the Maldives, and His Excellency Abdulla Shahid, Minister of Foreign Affairs, with a view to further promoting the economic and social development of the Maldives, in particular its health sector.

     Under the terms of the Exchange of Note, the Government of Japan extends to the Government of Maldives, a grant of six hundred million Japanese Yen (¥ 600,000,000), (approximately USD 5.6 million). The grant is intended to complement the on-going efforts of the Government of Maldives to improve the health services at atolls and regional hospitals across the country and also to strengthen their capacity to respond to the current pandemic of COVID-19.

     Equipment procured under the grant will include 10 bedside X-ray machines, 65 bedside monitors, 19 portable ultrasound image diag systems, 200 automated external defibrillators and 160 syringe pumps.

     COVID-19 is not only threatening human lives but also economic and social life and human dignity. This is more of a human security crisis, and it calls for a collective global response. The international community must work together to contain the virus spread, alleviate its impact on the vulnerable and strengthen health systems to combat infectious diseases.

     Japan is committed to actively contributing to global efforts to overcome the COVID-19 crisis and hopes that the grant assistance will further strengthen the healthcare system in the Maldives.